Karler 360 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones + Speaker with Built-in Mic

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Karler 360 2 in 1 Speaker + wireless headphones

High fidelity restores human voice,indulges in the pure music world.


- Battery :500mAh

- Working hours for bluetooth headset : 6hours

- Working hours for bluetooth speakers : 4 hours

- Charging time : 2 hours

- Bluetooth Ver :V5.0

Cable length: 120cm

- Working Distance : 10 M


Karler 360 headphones are lightweight, comfortable and compact.

They are manufactured with high quality materials, so you can enjoy excellent audio, they are rechargeable via USB with a V8 cable (included), they have Micro SD slot so as not to depend on a mobile device when listening to your own music, they have built-in FM radio and you can answer / hang up calls without having to take out the cell phone, they also include 4 speakers for an unmatched audio experience!, all this makes Los Karler 360 headphones your ideal companion to work, be at home and accompany you on your daily path.

Functions :

- Control the volume

- answer incoming calls

- hands-free phone calls and face time

- stop and switch songs

- SD card support

- FM radio support and Auto searching FM channels

- Equalizer that can change different sound effect